Tentacle Rig



  1. Create Joints, name them accordingly
  2. Select first and last bone & Skeleton>IK Spline Handle tool – RESET
  3. Outliner, select and rename the new curve. Rebuild to match CVs to number of joints
  4. Enter vertex mode F8
  5. add clusters to verts. > Select the control vertex, Deform>Cluster [options], check relative & repeat for each control vert.

select and rename each cluster (and offset (optional)) in the attribute editor. (shape node/origin)

  1. snap each CV to a joint
  2. parent all clusters to Root Joint
  3. create nurbs circles for each cluster. Vsnap to joints and rename accordingly. RESET TRANSFORMS!
  4. select circle, Shift select cluster, Constrain>Point Constrain
  5. parent circles down the chain, then parent them to the root joint.

Could be improved upon greatly using “set driven key”